Neurodiversity Advocates: Ari Ne’eman

When Ari Ne’eman looks backs on the autism diagnosis he received at age twelve, he remembers it as “negative and frightening.” Though initially he had not viewed autism that way, interactions with the neurotypical individuals around him quickly distorted the way he viewed his diagnosis. As Ne’eman grew older, however, he began connecting with other autistic […]

Neurodiversity Advocates: Jim SInclair

Advocacy has changed a lot over the past few decades, especially when it comes to the topic of neurodiversity. Jim Sinclair was one of the earliest activists advocating for autistic people. He co-created one of the first websites that focused on autism, the spectrum and giving people information about it. The website, Autism Network International allowed […]

Neurodiversity Advocates: Steve Silberman

While some advocate by lobbying their congressmen, or asking for meetings with industry-leading executives, one neurodiversity advocate has done so by an entire different means: the power of the pen. Through numerous essays, interviews, and an adamancy that neurodiverse individuals should be embraced from unique gifts, Steve Silberman has become one of the leading authors […]

Neurodiversity Advocates: Christopher Ulmer & Special Books for Special Kids

As I scrolled through Instagram’s ‘explore’ feature earlier this year, I stumbled across a very special video. In it, a young child with special needs was being interviewed. The questions ranged from what he would like people to say when they meet him to what is the best part about being him. I was intrigued, […]

Science and Autism: Government Funded Research

In the past few decades the US government has taken an interest in the autism spectrum in terms of research. The National Institute of Health has funding dedicated to discovering the many causes of Autism and funds many projects associated with Autism that are run mostly run through the CDC. These projects range from looking […]

Science and Autism: History of Autism Therapy

Autism has been widely misunderstood for much of its recorded history.  Misconceptions about the disorder have led to a variety of therapies that, on the whole, have been ineffective at alleviating symptoms of the disorder. The first written record of autism comes from Switzerland, where a psychiatrist named Eugen Bleuler used autism to describe a […]

Science and Autism: Current Treatments

While the history of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) treatment paints a grim picture, long gone are the days of implementing dieting and electroconvulsive shock therapy to “correct” the underlying neurological differences between neurotypical and neurodiverse people. Individuals with ASD were often shunned from society and institutionalized with other mentally and developmentally disabled individuals. However, as […]

Science and Autism: Myths Debunked

Upon hearing the word “autism,” a variety of things may come to mind. You might think of someone you know who has autism, remember a TV show you’ve watched about a character with autism, or think of stereotypes about autism that you commonly hear. These “autism myths,” though sometimes based in a bit of truth, […]