ASD in the University: University of Alabama’s ACTS Program

Coming into college can be tough.  For many people, it’s their first time living separate from their parents, and they’re thrown into an environment with many new faces.  This adjustment can be especially difficult for students on the Autism Spectrum given their difficulties with executive function and social interactions as well as their higher risk […]

Autistic Individuals in the Arts: Susan Boyle

The whole world stopped for a day in April 2009 when they heard this.   In a manner similar to the way that stars including Kelly Clarkson, Chris Daughtry, and Carrie Underwood were propelled into the spotlight from American Idol, Susan Boyle received her start on the third season of Britain’s Got Talent.  There’s just […]

Autistic Individuals in the Arts: Was Warhol Autistic?

As one of the forefront leaders of the 60’s Pop art movement, Andy Warhol made a name for himself with artworks exemplifying mainstream pop culture, coupled with bright colors and bold line-work, but what many don’t know is that one of the most famous artists of the century may very well have been a part […]